A group of researchers from the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter came together in September 2014 as a direct result of funding from the GW4, an alliance between these four Universities designed to translate research into real world use.

We were aware of a wealth of expertise around the South-West in the fields of death, dying and bereavement. We were also aware that this expertise was fragmented across a number of Universities, organisations and individuals.

The primary aim of the initial network meeting was to bring this expertise together to look at ways in which we could address issues concerning dying well after a long life. We wanted to create a sustainable network of interested researchers and practitioners who could then move these issues forward as a group.

Members of the network participate in regular meetings, as a whole and in smaller groups, to discuss ideas, collaborate on funding proposals and support each others research.

Our community crosses the career spectrum from PhDs to emeritus professors, and offers the opportunity to capitalise on expertise in death and dying/reduced agency, develop intellectual synergies, expand income-generation, and significantly impact policy and practice.

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